Shetland’s seafood industry is worth £320 million a year to the Shetland economy. It surpasses oil, gas, agriculture, tourism, and creative industries combined. More than 1,000 people are directly employed in the sector and around 3,000 more are employed in supporting industries, such as engineering and transport.


  • 180 active commercial fishing vessels – virtually all owned by local shareholders
  • 400 people are directly employed in fish catching
  • 81% of all Scottish mussels are grown in Shetland, valued at £8.1 million
  • 241 full-time and 19 part-time employees in salmon farming, and a further 160 in processing jobs
  • Shetland vessels land £118 million worth of fish in Shetland and elsewhere in 2016
  • Shetland harvests 40,000 tonnes of salmon, valued at £180 million
  • More than one quarter of all fish landed in Scotland is landed in Shetland (26%)
  • Shetland is the second ranked port in the UK (Peterhead is first) for landings of whitefish.